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Leveling courses

The Master’s degree will offer a series of “complementary training” courses aimed at leveling the previous knowledge of all students, to ensure a minimum level equivalent to that of a third-year UAM Economics student (knowledge prior to choosing the fourth-year specialization). Attendance to these leveling courses will be compulsory for those students who come from studies other than economics, or who need reinforcement in some of these subjects. The leveling courses may take the form of online or face-to-face courses, and will be taught in English for two weeks prior to the start of classes. The structure of these courses would be as follows:

Microeconomics (2 ECTS, 20 hours  face to face)

Macroeconomics (2 ECTS, 20 hours face to face)

Applied Statistics (1 ECTS, 10  hours face to face)

Mathematics (1 ECTS, 10 hours face to face)

Econometrics (2 ECTS, 20 hours face to face)

With the development of the Master, the specific configuration of these courses could undergo modifications, without affecting the design of the official Master program.

(Verification Report, ANECA, 2020)

This academic year 2022/2023 the leveling courses considered appropriate are as follows, depending on the student’s profile:

Microeconomics (20 hours face to face)

Macroeconomics (20 hours face to face)

Introduction to optimization techniques in economics (20 hours face to face)

Basic econometrics for cross-section data (16 hours face to face)

Time series (15 hours face to face)


For students with science profile

For students with Economic profile