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Master thesis

Students of the Master in Quantitative Economic Analysis (QuEA) are required to do a Master’s Thesis of 12 ECTS.

The Master’s Thesis consists of two parts. First, writing an original research paper. The students should present it at the end of the course and it will be evaluated by a committee. Second, the student are expected to participate in the activities included in the “Workshop in Research Methodologies”.

For the elaboration of the research paper, students will be assisted by a member of the faculty, who acts as their thesis supervisor and with whom they determine the exact topic, methodology and structure of the thesis.

For those students who choose the professional itinerary, the Master’s Thesis may be related to the internships.


Rocío Sánchez Mangas is in charge of the Master Thesis. She is Associate Professor of Econometrics at the Department of Quantitative Economic.