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Nuria Suárez Suárez

Lecturer in Finance


Ph.D. in Finance, University of Oviedo. (2010, Extraordinary Ph.D. Award).
BA Economics, University of Oviedo. (2005).


Topics in economics and finance

Research Interests

Banking; Corporate Finance; Corporate Governance; FinTech

Selected publications

  • Cubillas, E., Ferrer, E., Suárez, N. (2021): “Does investor sentiment affect bank stability? International evidence from lending behavior”. Journal of International Money and Finance 113: 102351. [Q2-JCR Finance; Q1-SJR Finance].
  • Ferrer, E., Santamaría, R., Suárez, N. (2020): “Complexity is never simple: Intangible intensity and analyst accuracy”. Business Research Quarterly Forthcoming. [Q2-JCR Business; Q1-SJR Business, Management and Accounting (miscellaneous)].
  • Polizzi, S., Scannella, E., Suárez, N., (2020): “The role of capital and liquidity in bank lending: are banks safer?”. Global Policy 11 Suppl.1: 28-38. [Q1-SJR Political Science and International Relations; Q3-JCR International Relations].