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Sara Cuenda Cuenda

Lecturer in Mathematics


Ph.D in the program on Complex Systems’ Physics, at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

Degree in Theoretical Physics (2001) at Universidad Complutense de Madrid


Introduction to computational economics

Introduction to machine learning in economics and finance

Research Interests

Networked representations of complex systems and stochastic modeling with applications to relevant phenomena in Social Sciences and Biology.

Selected publications

J. A. Capitán, S. Cuenda and D. Alonso (2020) “Competitive dominance in plant communities: Modeling approaches and theoretical predictions” Journal of Theoretical Biology 502, 110349.

S. Cuenda, M. Llorente and J. A. Capitán (2020) “Collapse and recovery times in non-linear harvesting with demographic stochasticity” Applied Mathematics and Computation 380, 125236.

S. Cuenda, M. Fernández, J. Galeano and J.A. Capitán (2018) “A minimal agent-based model reproduces the overall topology of Interbank networks” Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation 21, 2.