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Jennifer Graves

Associate Professor of Economics


PhD in Economics

Department of Economics and Public Finance



Topics in Finance and Applied Economics

Research Interests

Economics of education; public and labor economics; applied micro methods; causal policy evaluation

Selected publications

Farré, Lídia, Yarine Fawaz, Libertad González, and Jennifer Graves. “Gender Inequality in Paid and Unpaid Work During Covid‐19 Times.” Review of Income and Wealth (2021). [Previous WP version

Graves, Jennifer, and Zoe Kuehn. “Higher education decisions and macroeconomic conditions at age eighteen.” SERIEs (2021): 1-71.

Graves, Jennifer, and Zoë Kuehn. “Specializing in growing sectors: Wage returns and gender differences.Labour Economics 70 (2021): 101994. [Previous WP version]