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Federico Steinberg Wechsler

Associate Professor of Economics


  • Senior Analyst at the Elcano Royal Institute,
  • Associate Professor of Economics at Madrid’s Universidad Autónoma 
  • Special Adviser to the High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy and Vice-President of the European Commission Josep Borrell.


International economics and finance

Research Interests

Federico Steinberg is an expert in international political economy with a strong background and interest in international trade, finance, development and European economic and monetary union. His research covers a broad spectrum and he has published in English and Spanish on topics such as the new dynamics of international trade and the rise of protectionism, various aspects of global economic governance, the eurozone crisis, Brexit, the new global geoeconomic balance of power and the roots of the backlash against globalisation and the liberal world order.

Selected publications

A globalisation challenge: preventing a clash between the middle classes of the developed and emerging economies’ (with A. Ortega & M. Otero-Iglesias, Economics, 2018);

The Spanish financial crisis. Lessons for the European banking union’ (with S. Royo & M. Otero-Iglesias, Informe Elcano, nr 20);

How to fix the euro’ (with S. Pickford & M. Otero-Iglesias, Chatham House, 2014);

Towards a Germanized eurozone? Germany’s trilemma and the EMU regime after the crisis’ (wth M. Vermeiren, Journal of Common Market Studies, 2015);