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Beatriz de Blas

Associate Professor of Economics


Ph.D.  from Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. Previously,

Fellow at the Bank of Spain

Professor at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid,

Professor at Universidad de Navarra

Professor at University of California, Davis.


Macroeconomic modelling

Research Interests

Macroeconomic fluctuations, monetary economics and interactions between real and financial sectors under financial frictions

Selected publications

“Faraway, So Close!: Technology diffusion and firm heterogeneity in the medium-term cycle of advanced economies,” joint with Mónica Correa-López. Forthcoming at Journal of International Economics, June 2021.

“Financial frictions and stabilization policies,” joint with María Malmierca, 2019. Available at Economic Modelling, 2020; 89: 166-188.

“Understanding Markups in the Open Economy under Bertrand Competition,” joint with Katheryn N. Russ. AEJ: Macroeconomics, 2015; 7(2), April: 157-80.